I like to write and believe I’m pretty good at it. However it’s a skill I’ve never quite figured out how to use. I’ve one going blog, Sundays the Beach, and have two more just getting started: Push Bike Diaries and Learning German with Christoph Waltz. I’ve decided to write and share and see what comes of it.

I like to ride my bicycle(s) and in recent years being someone who rides has become part of my identity – it’s something people know about me: that I ride, that I’m a little proud of not owing a car, and that I like most everything to do with bicycles but am not totally obsessed with them.

From May of 2015 I will be going for a long ride. I have a one-way ticket to Milan and plans to be away for nearly a year. Push Bike Diaries follows my decisions around making this journey, my planning for it, and, ultimately, will house my blog about the journey itself. It’s also a place for other bicycle-related things.

While I’m not totally obsessed with bicycles I am prone to obsession – not of an unhealthy or scary sort, I just sometimes become really, really interested in something, someone or some place. Over the years these interests have led me to some fantastic friendships and amazing journeys – not least the one which saw me immigrate to Australia.

The someone I’ve most recently taken a keen interest in is the two-time Oscar Award winning Austrian actor Christoph Waltz. As I’ll be travelling in Europe and part of my travels in Europe will entail my exploration of my Jewish heritage and sort of coming to terms with my ancestors’ experiences on that continent I thought picking up some German before my trip made sense. And what better guide than Christoph Waltz’s back-catalogue of German-language films and tv shows? On my Learning German with Christoph Waltz blog I review an array of his work writing in both English and (poor but, hopefully, improving) German. It should be good, bad and fun.

In the meantime, while I’m planning my journey and learning a little German with Christoph I’ll continue my love affair with Sydney. A couple of years ago I began a project to visit all of Sydney’s 80+ beaches in alphabetical order. That project spawned my first real blog, Sundays the Beach.

This website, ElizabethEverettCage.com, serves as a hub for postings from all those sites and a place for me to do other stuff, as the mood strikes, which doesn’t fit elsewhere.


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