The Warm Embrace of Friendship Renewed – Firenze (Days 17 – 19; 10 – 12 June)

I’ve forgotten to re-post blog entries here but if you look at this post you can find the older ones as well.

Push Bike Diaries

10 June 2015 – Wednesday

It rains while I am on the train to Florence. A pelting rain slanting into the Tuscan landscape of green hills, fields of crops and towns whose names escape me. The station in Florence, Santa Maria Novella, is a huge building from the fascist era – modern and art deco-ish. The main hall is utterly jammed with people through whom I walk my bicycle.

Jerry Lee lives a few kilometres away and I make my way to his piazza and there we meet for the first time in 25 years. He’s the same; I’m the same; we’re completely different and have led whole lives in the interim.

Me and Jerry Lee

We take my stuff to his place then go out to a laundromat. We talk, as people do, about this and that – we walk around his 500 year old neighbourhood waiting for my clothes…

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