An Unexpected Day of Rest and an Unexpected Day of Climbing

Push Bike Diaries

(Days 4 & 5 – Wednesday 22 April & Thursday 23 April: Nundle to Tamworth)

I woke in Nundle to the sound of car tyres on wet pavement. I was grateful for the excuse to accept Scott’s offer of a lift to Tamworth. It was only light mist but it felt like we were in a cloud and it could start raining in earnest at any moment. I couldn’t ride another day in the rain just now. Scotty suggested a midday departure so I filled the morning with nothing much including a quick look around all that is Nundle. Scott is from South Yorkshire but moved to London a while back then got the travel bug. He’d been working at the Peel Inn for a couple of months but he and his girlfriend Charlotte were about to wrap up there for a trip back to the UK for a wedding. They hadn’t…

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