Riding in the rain 100 metres at a time – Day 2 (Monday 20 April)

Push Bike Diaries

Last night I feared I maybe really couldn’t do this. Well, couldn’t do the wild camping – that particularly worried me. But here I am. Not wild camping as in set up in some shrubbery on the side of the road but behind the Timor Community Centre with no one knowing I am here. And I feel fine, safe. There is a little mouse scurrying around out there and the usual moths beating their wings against the wall of my tent as it is the only light source for some distance around.

The crickets are loud; the air outside the tent cool enough for me to see my breath. Tonight I am under the flight path – just the distant hum of JetStar and Qantas flights making their approaches into Sydney. I was on one of those flights just a couple of weeks ago.

I had anticipated that today would…

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