Holy Feck – That was hard (Day 3 – Tuesday 21 April)

Push Bike Diaries

The number of kilometres I’m meant to be covering keeps going up and yet I’m not completing them. That said I feel like the kilometres I’ve been doing are so much harder than one might expect that they are equal to double or triple the number of easy kilometres.

It rained heavily in the night and I woke several times to re-inflate my mattress. It was raining heavily when I first woke around 6:30 am – I rolled over and hoped for the best. When I rose an hour later it had lessened but it was still falling. All around was wet – four horses galloped along a ridgeline some 300 metres away, silhouetted against a white sky, we were inside a cloud and the drumbeat of their hooves on sodden ground was audible.

I got on with it slowly, hoping for a change in the weather but knew even…

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