Alone – On the Road to Gundy (Day 1 – Sunday 19 April)

Push Bike Diaries

Here I am – sitting cross-legged in my tent, the darkness filled with the glow of the computer screen. I am camped in an open-sided shed at the Gundy Showground – a small bug crawls across my writing, outside something is moving on the tent.

I’m sharing the shed with a couple who are riding the Bicentential National Trail. They’ve been taking a break here in Gundy this week and spent the afternoon re-shoeing two of their five horses. They began at the northern end of the trail up in Far North Queensland a year ago and hope to finish by Christmas.

Just when you think you are being adventurous …

It’s been a day of moments.

It had rained overnight in Scone and more threatened through the morning as we breakfasted, wandered about and I avoided getting on with it.

Around midday Jim drove me to the turn off…

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