Remote Beauty and Quietude (No 24: Eleanor – 3 February 2013)

Sundays the Beach: Sydney's Beaches from A to Z

It’s time to fill in the gap in this blog.

I visited beaches 24 -28, Eleanor to Flat Rock, in late summer/early autumn of 2013. These were to prove the dying days of my marriage. At the time I hadn’t realised that cowardice and silence were eating cancerously at our relationship – his fear of saying what was going on in his heart and mind, my fear of asking. It all seems kind of obvious now, as these things do.  It’s taken me a while to get to the place where I can work with these words and photos – and it may yet take me a while to get them all up. Number 24, Eleanor, however was all but ready and just waiting to be posted … so here she is, enjoy.

24_Eleanor (67)

Although it’d been planned for a week I wasn’t sure I was up for the journey to…

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