My Big Ideas About Bicycling and the Cities We Ride In

Push Bike Diaries

Forget about the damned motor car and build cities for lovers and friends – Lewis Mumford

In January 2011 I gave this 15-minute presentation to the Australian Cycling Conference in Adelaide, South Australia. My talk, as you’ll see, was based on the paper I wrote while completing my Masters of Letters in US Studies at the University of Sydney.

If I can I’d like to begin at the beginning. This is me, aged about four, around the time I got my first bike: a Schwinn Pixie which looked an awful lot like this one.

Schwinn Pixie The best first bike a girl could have – the Schwinn Pixie.

Me, aged about four

Me, aged about four

Mine is a familiar story — I was a keen cyclist as a child and into my teenage years but I abandoned my bicycle in favour of driving and taking public transportation as I entered adulthood.

Since I moved to…

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